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Red Abbey Venture Partners is a life sciences investment firm that was founded in 2004 and invested in 14 privately held and 9 publicly traded life sciences companies. We believe that the life sciences sector has retained an “innovative edge” and that these companies will help people lead longer, healthier, more productive lives. Our investments: 1) targeted important diseases where the upside of success is significant; and 2) companies with a unique combination of high quality management and technology.

Our investment team and advisors are a multi-faceted group of individuals who possess a deep network of relationships. Furthermore, our experience in all aspects of these companies – scientific, financial, operational – provided us with the ability to conduct exceptional due diligence and add meaningful value to our portfolio companies.







Red Abbey Venture Partners is the second generation of a life sciences investment program that Frank A. Bonsal, Jr. and Philip Goelet, PhD began in 1997 with an investment in RiboTargets Holdings, PLC. From 1997 to the formation of Red Abbey Venture Partners in 2004, Mr. Bonsal and Dr. Goelet invested in 14 life sciences companies.

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